Working of Knitting Machines

A knitting machine is a type of device that is used to develop knitted fabrics. The fabrics are used to make semi or fully automated fashionable wefts. Do you know all the textiles finished goods such as T-shirts, socks, blankets, and many others are developed by using the knitting process? In different seasons, you need different types of clothes like, in winter, you need sweaters which feel more comfortable, and in summer, there is a wide range of requirements for porous clothes like shirts. Not only that various types of clothes are made like leggings, mufflars, caps, stoles, etc.

In the market, several knitting machines are found ranging from simple to board templates consisting of highly difficult mechanisms handled by electronics but do not comprise any moveable parts. All knitting machines assist in producing several types of knitted fabrics that fulfill the requirements of the people for the clothes.

Work process of knitting machines

  • Get yarn from the tension arm and the carriage, to thread the machine, then, needles are wrapped from the yarn by using e-wrap. Carriage helps in feeding the yarns to the needles when the knitting process occurs.
  • Then, a comb weight and claw weight attached. Comb weight refers to a thin type of rectangular piece comprising long and prognathous teeth, which assists in knitting at first row on the needles. On the other hand, Claw weight is a type of small metal piece that assists in the development of knitting.
  • Next, the carriage is pushed to start the knitting, which is a mechanism that helps in engaging the yarns and controlling the actions of the needles.
  • After that, cut the first yarn and change the colors of the yarn when the required length of knitting is done. Then, insert other yarn of different colors into the carriage.
  • Chain knit is used to do the cast-off which assists in unraveling and finishing the samples.

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