Circular Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machine- Magic Loop Technique in knitting

The Circular Knitting Machine assists in producing the tube-shaped fabrics and these exists in varied sizes or diameters that depend on the fields of uses. In a circle, the needles and the sinkers are arranged in the machine. The long circular needles are used to develop narrow tubes of knitting for mittens, socks, and varied other items that use the Magic Loop technique. This machine does circular knitting. The double bed machines assist in setting up to knit at the front bed in one way direction then, on returning at the back end that develops the knitted tube. For socks knitting the latch-hooks needles of the machine are used to develop every stitch in all-round frames.

In the past times, the sweaters were knitted by hands and these are knit in a round way and the planned openings such as armholes, necks, cardigan fronts would be knitted with the extra stitches that is activated is required. After that, the extra stitches are cut to make the openings and it is stitched through a sewing machine.

Types of Circular Knitting Machine

  • Double Jersey Machine

This machine is of two types such as rib and interlock. It comprises a pair of sets that is one is placed on the dial and the other is on a cylinder. There are not any sinkers in it. This type of double management of needles assists in fabric manufacturing that is twice as thick as the single jersey fabrics which are referred to as the double jersey fabric.

  • Single Jersey Machine

 The single jersey knitting machine consists of one cylinder and the one set of needles and the sinkers are placed. The machine’s diameter is generally comprised of around 30 inches, which can be different as compared to the machine’s needs and its type. Single jersey fabric is a type of fabric that is a fabrication on the Single jersey machine. This offer a plain thickness and half of its fabric are similar in comparison with the Double jersey fabric. The front and the backside of that fabric are viewable varied.

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