Scrubber Knitting Machine

Bharat machinery works are one of the popular and a leading manufacturer and supplier of Scrubber Knitting Machine in India. Single jersey circular knitting machines are used for making the fine quality material of scrubbers.

The scrubber is a daily use item at homes and you can efficiently manufacture this by using our scrubber knitting machine. Features of our machines include:

  1. Accurate cutting
  2. Sharper, safer, easily usable product
  3. One worker can control multiple machines
  4. Mesh knitting available

We are highly renowned in manufacturing knitting machines with our experienced and hard-working professionals. The Scrubber Knitting Machine that are produced by our company are easy to use and available at lower prices. Apart from kitchen scrubber, you can also manufacture many other types of scrubbers like foot or bath spa scrubber by using our Scrubber Knitting Machine.



This machine has been specially designed to knit sinker fabric for under and over wear purpose. It is built on sturdy single storey stand for trouble free and top efficiency at the highest running speed.

Single Jersey Machine is mounted on cast iron stand with Hardened and grinded cams and steel inserted wall cylinder. We always keep an eye on upcoming technology in latest designs, patterns, and machine parts to provide the best characteristic product.

An Experience Makes the Difference

We offers you the precise model for your needs. Our contemporary range of Knitting
machines tender you nearly unlimited possibilities in knitting Patterns.

Latest Technology

we have highly efficient machines
performing at higher pace upgraded
to the latest technology.


Our machines are so
perfect that increases your

Easy Maintenance

All the machine parts are easily
available, that would never stop your
working production process.


We focus on our customer
demands and satisfy them,
trust us .

We try to provide right machine type depending upon your needs. Our machines provide unlimited knitting designs
and pattern possibilities. Our Machines knit fabrics that are used in home textile as well as at technical textile using different
knitting techniques. Many well known-brands choose our machines for manufacturing their products. We feel
satisfaction that we make efforts we had set early; to achieve quality and productivity.