RIB Circular Knitting Machine

Introduction to RIB Circular Knitting Machine:

The circular knitting machine which we use to manufacture the rib structures is known as the rib circular knitting machine. The rib structures are the structures in which the front, as well as the back loops, run along the course successively but the circuits remain the same.

Specific dimensions of a RIB Circular Knitting Machine:

  1. DIAMETER of machine ———-   4” TO 32”
  2. RUNNING SPEED of machine —————   15 TO 80 RPM
  3. Type of yarn feeders   ——————- POSITIVE YARN STORAGE FEEDER
  4. Gauge   ———— 4 TO 16
  5. STITCH DENSITY   ————- Machine has an arrangement for increasing or decreasing the stitch density
  7. MOTOR —————   1 HP TO 3 HP

   Different parts of RIB Circular Knitting Machine:

RIB Circular Knitting Machine consists of the following components:

  • Yarn career
  • Yarn guides
  • Cylinder
  • Cylinder cams
  • Cylinder needles
  • Dial
  • Dial cams
  • Dial needles
  • Break stop motion
  • Oiling and air following devices
  • Take up rollers
  • Batch rollers
  • Sensors
  • Motor
  • Belts
  • Pulleys and gears
  • Clutches

Description of the machine:

In a dial cylinder type of RIB Knitting Machine, there are two sets of needles which remain at the right angle to each other. One set of needles is present on the circumference of the vertical cylinder whereas the other set of needles is present on the horizontal dial. In dial cylinder type of knitting machines, the dial, as well as the cylinder, rotate whereas the cam systems along with the feeders remain stationary.

The butt of the dial needle is present on the cam truck, and it gives the dial needle its motion. Different cams which are present on the cam plate forms the cam truck.

When there occurs the rotation of the cylinder, then the dial needles moves horizontally whereas the cylinder needles move vertically. Cylinder needle gets its motion from the rotation of the cylinder. Rib circular knitting machine also consists of the cloth tale up roller which rotates along with the dial and the cylinder. When the cloth tale up roller rotates then the fabric gets wound on it.

Knitting action:

The knitting action of the rib circular knitting machine consists of the following steps:

  • Clearing: The cylinder along with the dial needles move out to clear the plain as well as the rib loops that get formed in the previous cycle.
  • Yarn feeding: During this step, the needles get withdraw from their tricks thus covering the older loops by the open latches due to which the new yarn gets fed into the open hooks.
  • Knocking Over: When the needles withdraw themselves into their tricks, then the old loops gets cast off thus drawing the new loops through them.

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