Circular Knitting Machine

Recent Developments in Circular Knitting Machines


Throughout the knitting industry, circular knitting machines are one of the most widely used knitting machines. For producing the fabric, we commonly use the circular knitting machines. We can very efficiently manufacture these knitting machines in almost every reasonable diameter. We can build the circular knitting machines even in a small diameter of up to five which we commonly use for producing the fabrics to wear.

Following are the advancements in circular Knitting Machines:

Introduction to Seamless Knitting:

We can achieve the seamless garment knitting either by using the circular knitting machines or by using the v-bed flat knitting machines. Seamless circular knitting machines are different from the seamless flat knitting machines. By using the seamless circular machines, we can create only a single tubular type of garment whereas when we use the seamless flat knitting machines, we produce more than one tube which we have to join together on a machine. The complete or single tubular type of garment which we knit on the circular knitting machines requires a minimal cutting operation.

Moreover, if we want to make any significant change in the size of the garment, then we require different diameters in case of the seamless circular knitting machines whereas in seamless flat knitting machines we can change to the different sizes of the garments on the same machine. Therefore, the seamless knitting which we achieve on the circular machine is not the true seamless knitting. On the other hand, V-bed seamless machines produce the truly seamless garments because they do not need any cutting or sewing of the fabric.

Automatic Seamless Circular Knitting Machine:

It is essential to control the manufacturing functions of the machine to manufacture an excellent quality knitted garment. For successfully producing new products in the knitting industry, it is necessary that the designers, as well as the manufacturers, effectively communicate with each other. Most of the times, the designers complain that the technicians do not accurately create the designs that they specify, whereas the technicians are of the opinion that the designers do not understand the technical problems that they have to face in the knitting feasibility. However, to solve the communication problem between the designers and the technicians, it’s always better to make use of intelligent CAD systems. When we use the CAD system, then the designers, as well as the manufacturers, can specify and evaluate their designs more correctly without requiring technical expertise and taking much time investment.

To facilitate communication between the designers and technicians we have diverse computer controlled systems such as CAD/CAM controlled knitting machines. At present, knitting machine manufacturing companies also have a facility for several new types of CAD systems. The new types of the CAD systems use two different monitors as well as have a design window for designers and a separate technical window for the manufacturers because both of them require different information even for making the same design.

Ultra-Fine Gauge Knitting Machines:

We use fine gauge circular knitting machines for producing the fine knitted fabrics which we call as the ‘second skin’. For creating the fine circular knitted fabrics we commonly use polyester, cotton and viscose yarns of 90 to 120 Ne. The fine knitted fabrics have an appearance similar to that of the woven fabrics, but they are more flexible as compared to the woven fabrics.

 Ultra-Fine Gauge Elements Of A Circular Knitting Machine:

To complement the company’s premium range of needles and system parts, we have high-grade circular knitting cylinders. High-grade knitting cylinders help us in creating a perfect knitting system from a single reliable supplier. Circular knitting machines can attain their full potential for giving high-performance operation on the factory floor only because of the consistently outstanding durability and high standard of component quality. We always ensure to install every component of the existing knitting machines with utmost precision. The precise installation of the individual element not only improves the capacity utilisation in production but also simplifies the workflow.

Pai Lung ultra fine gauge knitting machines consist of the fine gauge double cylinders which we use to produce the fine gauge automotive fabrics called as woven-like fabrics. Ultra-fine gauge knitting machines make use of the pile technology, and the fine gauge of loop makers is present near to the sinkers.

Loop Transfer Technology In Circular Knitting Machines:

Stitch transfer is an essential operation in the process of knitting. Higher the number of transfer modes, more are the possibilities of making structured designs and shaped fabrics. For creating the structured designs, we transfer the stitch within the same cylinder or from one cylinder to the other.

The high-quality knitted fabrics have a homogeneous appearance, and they don’t have any holes and barring in them. To produce high-quality fabric, we require a smooth knitting process as well as the application of certain technical solutions.

Concerning the needle used, the Italian knitting machines have latch needles incorporated in them, which operate by the drowned butt principle. In Italian machines, the needle remains in an idle position. The heel of the needle remains wholly drowned in the needle bed groove and do not involve in the action of the cams. The heel also retains the loop, which in this case is not subject to any strain.

Pile And Sliver Insertion Mechanism:

The sliver knitting process locks the individual fibres directly into a lightweight knit backing. The sliver insertion mechanism makes the fibres free from the backing and allows them to stand upright; thus forming a soft pile on the face of the fabric. This technique helps in making the comfort pile fabrics softer, more resilient, warmer and more drapeable as compared to the fabrics made from the yarns. The fibres which we commonly use include high-tech micro-fibre-acrylics, mod-acrylics and polyesters along with that of the natural fibres like wool.

 Loop Transfer Tool:

We carefully choose each blend to gain the specific results. By engineering the fibre mix, we can quickly produce the comfort knit pile fabrics in an incredibly wide range of colours, density, weight, texture, patterning and performance features.

Needle with Spring for High-Speed Loop Transferring:

After the process of knitting, we shear the pile fabric to the desired level of height. The fabric then undergoes a series of technical finishing processes specially developed to control the special characteristics as well as the surface texture of the final fabric.

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