LAB Knitting Machine

Due to its good quality and high precision, the LAB Knitting Machine is used for laboratories. In this, the knit helps in visual checking to the coating’s evenness and the color congeniality of a yarn. The conspicuous density of the needle depends on the counting of yarn. In the laboratories, it has a vast demand as it is very useful.

For the manufacturing of tubular knitted fabrics, the high precision single laboratory feeding machines are used for yarn perception assessment; color congeniality, and equability evaluation, samplings comprise specimens of dyed yarn or samples of color fasting tests.

Lab knitting machines provide high range guarantee level and high-quality fabrics and performances as well. Our Company is the best LAB Knitting Machine supplier in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and other countries also.

The lab knitter code 294E is the single-cylinder machine. A Double LAB Knitting Machine code 294F comprising of semi-automatic machines have two free cylinders that are specifically appropriate for dye. The Dye Scanner code 2940A-B has a high speed that is a fully automatic model for 24 or 36 bobbins. For the texturizing mills, these considered appropriate. It comprises of Auto Cop changer for 24 or 36 bobbins, electronic yarn feeder, the electronic yarn pretension device, knot detection, and yarn guide framing.

Some of the major features are:

  • It comprises of interchangeable cylinders having 3, 3/4 diameter of a wide variety of yarns.
  • For fabric stitches density, it comprises of micro-adjustment.
  • The Cylinder’s has an automatic lubrication system.
  • Along with the electronic yarn meter the ergonomic control pad and has an adjustable cylinder rotation speeding system that ranges from 0 to 450 rpm.
  • It shows the machine’s current operating status and it has led lighting.
  • Fabric sample length is adjustable.

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