Knitting Machines


“Exhaustive lifestyle demand for more work consuming less time the only option we can opt for are the knitting machines”

In the recent scenario, exhaustive lifestyles demand for more work, consuming less time and the only option we can opt for are the knitting machines. Bharat machinery works is a pre-eminent knitting machine suppliers in India. Since the origin of our company, our company’s important priority is the good quality of our products.

Our key benefits:

  • Delivering ultimate mechanical perfection.
  • Adopting convenient step to complete your projects with our capabilities.
  • No undertaking surpasses our capabilities.
  • Reliability and trust are our assets.
  • Specializing in quality production.
  • Our machines work at breakneck speed.
  • Using unlimited different design,color, pattern possibilities.
  • Different machines to choose from.
  • Our Knitting machines help in manufacturing knitted fabrics thereby
    educing time and cost for desired results.


Latest Technology

we have highly efficient machines
performing at higher pace upgraded
to the latest technology.


Our machines are so
perfect that increases your

Easy Maintenance

All the machine parts are easily
available, that would never stop your
working production process.


We focus on our customer
demands and satisfy them,
trust us .

Our knitting machine manufacturing India unit has an experience of over 60 years, having deeper knowledge of specifications such as needle to be used, gauge or even different types of machines that depends upon fabric’s pattern, texture or design to be produced providing you with masterpieces. Knitting machines help in manufacturing knitted fabrics thereby reducing time and cost for desired results. Bharat Machinery Works manufactures Flat knitting machines and circular knitting machines. We try to provide a precise mechanism depending upon your needs. Our machines offer unlimited knitting designs and pattern possibilities.We can efficiently produce different patterns and smoothly textured products within no time using these knitting machines.  We can use standard gauge 200-needle-machine and even heavier yarns for desired results.

Our Flat Knitting Machines, knit fabrics that are used in home textile as well as in the technical textile industry using different knitting techniques. Many well known-brands choose our machines for manufacturing their products. Our Circular knitting machines offer different types of knitting fabrics using different materials, varied designs and patterns diversified structural effects with many colour possibilities.