Interlock Knitting Machine

Introducing about Interlock Knitting Machine

Well, via interlock knitting machine textile fabrics can easily be prepared outright from webs of fabrics through bonding, fusing or interlocking to prepare the nonwoven weft and blanket. The process of mechanical conversion of yarn into fabrics is considered as one of the multilateral procedures of manufacturing the clothes on a large scale for making end products and its usage.

This machine comprises of two groups of needles that are placed on two varied beds like one set on the cylinder and the other in the dial bed, these sets of the needles should be opposite with each other. In every bed needles, the machine comprises two distinct cam systems and the needles are of varied length considered as short and long needles. The cam systems have command over half of the needles in a successive series and it controls the knitting for one feeder and then the other feeder. In this machine there are different parts are used such as break stop motion, cylinder needles, sensors, motor, belts, yarn guides, take up rollers, pulleys and gears clutches and so on. Knitting machine exporter in Rwanda provides the top machines to the customers.

Products made by Interlock knitting machine

  • Winter leggings: This machine assists in making the leggings of small and large size by making the use of different materials like cotton, rayon, polyester, and nylon.
  • T-shirts: The T-shirts are knitted using this machine and the end product is produced in a quality way. Different colors and textures of fabrics are used to prepare the product.
  • Track suits: There is a wide range of tracksuits can be made by using this machine that is various colors, designs and sizes as per the client’s need.
  • Sweaters: For knitting sweaters, the interlock knitting machine is good as it assists in preparing the products as per the requirement. For keeping you from cold winds the sweaters that are knitted through this machine are best.

Why Bharat Machinery Works?

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