Industrial Knitting Machines

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Industrial Knitting Machines are the equipment which we utilize to create the knitted apparels. These devices cause the interlocking of yarns from a single loop, which finally results in the production of the knitted fabrics. Industrial knitting facilities are available since the late 18th century. But, the major uprising in the textile industry came with the introduction of the idea of manufacturing yarn on the knitting machines. Knitting industry has seen this revolution only in the recent past.
Manufacturers usually employ Industrial Knitting Machines to produce the textiles in bulk. By utilizing these devices, we can create knitted fabrics for several types of industries such as sports, automotive, medical and general clothing etc. We generally employ these types of knitting machines for manufacturing:
• The swimsuits and shoes in sports
• Textiles used in medical
• Seat covers for vehicles
• Geo textiles in construction
• Mosquito nets for home and furniture, etc
Due to increased mechanization, the knitting industry has reached a whole new level. Now, the manufacturers employ computerized knitting machines that automatically carry out all the operations. The producers need to utilize different types of Industrial Knitting Machines, depending upon the number and complexity of the end product. Our company is a pre-eminent knitting machine exporter in India. We can furnish you with various types of knitting machines depending upon your requirements.
The requirement of efficient and long-lasting knitted fabrics have increased in various industries. Due to the augmented demand of knitted garments, the need for superior Industrial Knitting Machines has also witnessed significant growth. It is going to create a considerable amount of opportunities in the industrial knitting machines market in the coming time.
There are several reasons which drive the demand for these types of knitting machines all over the globe.
• Nowadays, manufacturers are producing intricate designs in the textiles. These automated industrial knitting machines can easily create delicate patterns. Due to this reason, the makers are considering the utilization of these devices for achieving mass production.
• As the sales of automobiles and vehicle fleets have enhanced, it has also fueled up the requirement of Industrial Knitting Machines. Manufacturers employ these machines to produce the seat covers for the automobiles.
• Due to more no. of construction activities occurring in the world, the demand for geo textiles has increased. We employ these materials to construct the roads, drains; for land reclamation, and several other civil engineering operations. The increase in the requirement of geo textiles has further amplified the demand for industrial knitting devices.
• At present, there is a growing need for knitted garments in sports activities. It is also significantly contributing to raising the demand of these knitting machines in the market.
The manufacturers of industrial knitting machines are focusing on employing the latest and the most advanced computerized technology in these devices. The trend of using the skill of CAD/CAM is gaining momentum these days.
We can divide the global Industrial Knitting Machines market into the various segments. Depending upon the knit type, machine type, and application of these knitting devices, these have the following categories:
Based on the nature of the knit, we can divide the Industrial Knitting Machines as:
• Double Knit Industrial Knitting Devices
• Single Knit Industrial Knitting Devices
On the basis of the type of knitting machines, we can arrange these devices as follows:
Weft Industrial Knitting Machines:
• Flat Bed Knitting Machines
• Circular Knitting Machines
• Circular Bearded Single Knitting Devices
• Straight Bar Knitting Machines
Warp Industrial Knitting Machines:
• Tricot Knitting Machines
• Rachel Knitting Machines
Depending upon the application, the Industrial Knitting Machines market has the subsequent divisions:
• Building and Construction Textiles
• Automotive and Transportation Textiles
• Home and Furniture Textiles
• Sports Textiles
• Medical Textiles
• Apparel Textiles

Regional viewpoint:

We can anticipate that the global market for Industrial Knitting Machines is going to witness significant growth in the coming period. This increase in demand of these knitting devices is due to the amplified need for knitted garments in several applications. Currently, people are employing the knitted apparels for casual wear, sportswear, winter wear, medical purposes, protective wear, etc.
Due to increased urbanization, the demand for knitted fabrics has seen a significant boost. This increased need, in turn, is going to contribute to the industrial knitting machines market. The growing construction industry can also provide a substantial boost to this industry in the near future.

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We can serve our clients according to their needs and objectives, thus providing them with full customer satisfaction. Our durable, robust, rust-resistant and latest machines can assist you in yielding the maximum output.