Hose Knitting Machine

Hose Knitting Machines – Professionally Designed

A hose knitting machine is one of the top class machines for all the knitting industry. This machine is in demand as they have good characteristics of high productivity, simplicity, strength, durability and excellent performance. The majority of the radiators hose creations in India and knitting machine supplier in South Africa are found. For the no compromisation of the speed and output, a high-speed version of the machine reckoned in synchronizing with the extruders. The machine is used for the manufacturing of different types of bent hoses, curved hoses and varied diameter hoses that are beneficial in automobiles. In the industry, there are rubber hose knitting machine, radiator hose knitting machine, penguin hose knitting machine and so on has taken the place.

In this machine, upon the inner lining, the knitting is done. All the knitting procedure is closely reined to ascertain the knit structure which is constituted on the hose at the appropriate stress. Hence, high performance can be obtained from the end result. This machine offers the comfort of located controls and workspace. The hoses of varying diameters can be rolled and they can rest in a convenience way through the centerline of the machine that is adjusted. The machine can easily be work with the belt drive, which assists in ensuring the quite running ability. The best internal reinforcement offered by the knitted layer and it provides huge adhesion of the rubber layering. The penguin hose knitting machines are highly recommended for automotive, rubber and tendentious industries.

Some of the key features

  • It is suitable for low-medium stress knitted hose.
  • The manufacturing procedure creates minimal distortion.
  • To do efficient knitting exactitude cams required.
  • They have the ability to make large yarn-big bobbins.
  • It has an alterable speed drive.
  • It offers accurate pulling caterpillar.
  • It has an HMI that has diverse functions.
  • The knitting head can easily and completely get interchangeable.
  • Safety switch provides protection to front door opening
  • An automatic PLC controlled system.

Experts of Bharat Machinery Works

Owing to the expertness in the market world, Bharat Machinery Works design and manufacture the modern hose knitting machines by making the usage of grade components by using the latest technology. Our quality testers check all the machines and their varied parts and how they work also? This machine is available in a wide range according to the customers’ needs.

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