Head Wear Knitting Machine

Head Wear

Bharat Machinery Works is a leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of Head Wear Knitting Machines in India. Rib Circular knitting machine is used for making a finer quality fabric of Head Wear. Our Knitting machines use new triangle design technology and can efficiently operate. The utmost attention is paid at each step of the process to ensure the most exceptional outcome for quality assurance.

We value our customers a lot; therefore our company Bharat machinery works always ensures that we provide 100% consumer satisfaction to our clients. Our machines offer advanced technology thus helping in increasing productivity. Head Wear knitting machines manufactured by our company are very easy to operate, cost-effective, less power consuming and updated with advanced technology.

Machine for HEAD WEAR


Rib knitting machines have vertical cord appearance and have very less curling tendency. They have elastic fitting, and retain warmth better than plain structure. The fabric is produced with smaller and finer loops. Rib structure (in which face and back loops occur along the coarse successively but all the loops are same), is maintained that is why it is called rib knitting machine.

Our aim is to sell quality textile equipment through worldwide network. Our professionals have extensive knowledge to work in co-ordination and provide best results.

An Experience Makes the Difference

We offers you the precise model for your needs. Our contemporary range of Knitting
machines tender you nearly unlimited possibilities in knitting Patterns.

Latest Technology

we have highly efficient machines
performing at higher pace upgraded
to the latest technology.


Our machines are so
perfect that increases your

Easy Maintenance

All the machine parts are easily
available, that would never stop your
working production process.


We focus on our customer
demands and satisfy them,
trust us .

We try to provide right machine type depending upon your needs. Our machines provide unlimited knitting designs
and pattern possibilities. Our Machines knit fabrics that are used in home textile as well as at technical textile using different
knitting techniques. Many well known-brands choose our machines for manufacturing their products. We feel
satisfaction that we make efforts we had set early; to achieve quality and productivity.