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Flat Knitting Machine


Knitting is a technique using one long yarn with two or more knitting needles to make an elastic material. Knitting and weaving are the most important techniques for the manufacture of the fabric. Earlier we did hand knitting but it was very time consuming.

As industrialization occurs, we shifted from hand knitting to machine knitting. There are numerous benefits of machine knitting over hand knitting.

  • Machines speed up the production, making more products per day as compare to hand knitting.
  • Machines are more accurate and reliable. The finishing of the product is far better than hand knitting.
  • Although developing a machine is a longer process, but rest of the process is less expensive and more efficient.

Flat knitting Machine:

Definition: It is a method of knitting in which the fabric is turned periodically. Flat knitting is different from circular knitting, in which the fabric knitted from the same side again and again. While in Flat knitting, the same stitch is produced by two different movements from the right and the wrong sides.

Machines used in knitting are designed without the needle seat which helps in saving time and effort. Fabric quality and customer satisfaction is the top most priority while designing the machines.


  • Mounted On Iron Stand
  • With Bed Made of Steel
  • With Hardened and Grinded Cams
  • With Arrangement To Increase / Decrease Stitch length
  • With Timing Belt System
  • With Motorized Racking System
  • With German Bushes in Carriage
  • With Electric Motor And Attachments
  • With 1 HP Ac Drive


  • Flat Knitting Machine are more versatile than other weft knitting machines. It includes needles election on one or both beds. It also offer racked stitches, needle-out designs, striping, tubular knitting, changes of knitting width and loop transfer.
  • In one knitting system, wide range of yarn counts and can be knitted per machine. The stitch length range is wide and there is possibility of changing machine gauge.
  • Its operation and supervision is simple and less difficult as compared to other weft knitting machines.
  • The number of garments knitted simultaneously depends upon the width, yarn carrier arrangement, yarn path and package accommodation.

Uses of Flat Knitting Machines

The products of flat knitting machines are jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, dresses, suits, trousers, scarves etc. The articles designed on flat machines include edgings and collars to garment panels and integrally knitted garments. Cleaning clothes, three-dimensional and fashioned products for technical applications, multiaxial machines are under development.











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