Flat Bed Knitting Machine

Advantages of Flat Knitting Machine

Boutique producers, as well as hobbyists, mainly use Flat Bed Knitting Machines for creating various kinds of knitted products. These types of knitting machines possess horizontal needle beds, and therefore we use them for manufacturing flat pieces. Fabrics formed from a flatbed knitting machine generally have side seams. These machines offer versatility and are proficient of producing racked stitches while requiring less supervision.

A flat knitting machine consists of a flat elongated bed on which plurality of parallel, latchable needles are present. The needles have equal space between them throughout the whole length of the bed. During the process of knitting, every needle moves in relation to the bed in their lengthwise direction as well as in the sideways orientation of the bed length.

 Main Features of Flat Knitting Machine:

  • Flat knitting machine has two stationary needle beds
  • These machines have Latch needles
  • Each needle bed has its separate cam system
  • Angular cams of a bi-directional cam system are present
  • There is a connection of the cam system to the underside of the carriage
  • Flatbed knitting machine consists of a bridge which links the two cam systems together. This bridge passes from one needle bed to the other.
  • There is a carriage which traverses in a reciprocating manner across the whole width of the machine
  • Machine gauge varies from 3 to 18 needles per inch
  • Machine width is usually up to 79 inches.

Advantages of Flat Knitting Machine:

  • Out of all weft knitting machines that are available to us, flatbed knitting machines are the most versatile.
  • These knitting machines offer us with a high stitch potential which includes needles selection on one or both beds, needle-out designs, racked stitches, tubular knitting, striping, loop transfer. By making use of flat knitting machines, we can also change the width of the knitting fabric.
  • We can knit a wide range of yarn counts per machine gauge including the number of ends of yarn in one knitting system by utilising flatbed machines.
  • These machines offer us a wide stitch length range, and there is also the possibility of changing the machine gauge.
  • As compared to the other weft knitting machines, the operation as well as supervision of these knitting machines is effortless and is relatively less arduous.
  • These machines help in the production of knitting products like school uniform sweaters, t-shirts, caps, stoles, mufflers by using different materials including cotton, silk, wool, polyester to knit different patterns and designs. The number of garments or panels simultaneously knitted across the machine is dependent upon its knitting width, yarn carrier arrangement, yarn path and package accommodation.

 Uses of Flat Knitting Machines:

Different types of garments that we can knit on flat knitting machines range from edgings, trimmings and collars to garment panels and integrally knitted garments. We can efficiently manufacture products like jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, dresses, suits, trouser suits, hats, scarves as well as many other accessories on these straight-bar machines. However, for producing three-dimensional and fashioned products for technical applications, we require multi-axial flat knitting machines which are under development.

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Our company Bharat Machinery Works is dealing with the production and supply of the flatbed knitting machines of reliable quality since 1987. By utilising our flat Knitting Machines, you can produce well knitted finished products, as these machines adopted the strategy of weaving the fabric right to left and left to right without turning the fabric.

To meet the quality standards as well as to deliver superior performance, our specialists always check every flat knitting machine on several parameters before the final dispatch of the machines.

So, whenever you feel a necessity to have a flatbed knitting machine then freely communicate with the professionals of our company-Bharat Machinery Works.




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