Essential features to look at while purchasing a knitting machine

A large number of knitting machines are available in the market, thus making it hard for textile manufacturers to select the right one for their company. Here, we have pointed out some of the Essential features that one should always look for while purchasing a knitting machine.

Look at the capabilities or the knitting machine gauge chart:

While purchasing a knitting machine, you must gaze at their abilities. The more the no. of functions your fabric knitting machine offers, the more manageable it will become for you to create the knitting pieces.

Though you have an option of buying a manual, electronic or punch card knitting machines, you must look at your requirements. Selecting high-end devices will permit you to manufacture the knitting garments in record time. Moreover, choosing electronic machines will provide you with a feature of special software. It will help you to adjust the shapes of the fabrics during the process of knitting easily.

Apart from considering all the other features, also view the machine’s gauge. It will assist you in making the right choice from the several types of knitting machines available in the market.

In a standard gauge knitting machine, the needles are about 4.5-5mm apart from each other. It is the most appropriate device for working with commercial grade fibres. A mid-gauge machine with the needles present at a distance of about 6-7 mm is ideal for every hand knitter. For creating a chunky scarf, you must purchase a chunky knitting machine in which the needles are 8-9 mm away from each other. Moreover, if you want to produce clothing out of delicate yarns, you must prefer a knitting machine with a needle distance of 3.6 mm.

Number of Needles:

When it comes about selecting the best knitting machine, it is always ideal to go with those devices having an adjustable distance between the needles. These machines help to manufacture the clothes of different designs, sizes, and densities. These days almost every modern knitting device comes with a row counter assisting the new knitters in following the pattern precisely.

  Size and Weight:

Another factor which you must always consider while trading a knitting machine is the weight and size of the model. If you choose to buy a portable knitting device, you can quickly produce masterpieces in the comfort of your home. For having an outstanding machine for homely purposes, you must purchase something that not only fits your requirements but also satisfy your family needs. But, if you are into the business of manufacturing knitted garments, you must include industrial circular knitting machine gauge in your list.

Types of knitting machines:

Several different kinds of knitting machines are available in the market. If you don’t have any knowledge of these devices, you may find it challenging to select an appropriate option. It is always essential to consider your personal preferences and knitting wishes before making your final choice. We have enlisted below the two main types of knitting devices from which you can pick your machine according to your needs.

Flatbed Knitting Machine:

These types of knitting machines create flat garment pieces. Flat bed devices are highly popular among boutique persons and hobbyists. The apparels manufactured by using these machines consist of the side seams as we can’t knit in the round with these knitting devices.

Flatbed knitting machines can be further of manual, computerized, and punch card types. Computerized models are speedy and have electronic impulses to inform the carriage regarding the needles required to do something different. Unlike these automatic models, in manual knitting devices, you need to stop right after every row to examine the chart and fix the needles into pattern position. In punch card knitting machines, there are punch cards of several designs which notify the carriage. These provide information about the needles which require acting differently.

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Circular Knitting Machine:

In circular knitting machines, the needles are present on a circular cylinder. These devices create a seamless tube of fabric by amalgamating the stitches made by the needles. These knitting devices further comprise of two variants, i.e. single Jersey and double Jersey machines. We have explained the difference between the two varieties to assist you in making the right choice.

Single Jersey knitting machine:

It comprises a single circular cylinder which is about 30 inches in diameter. However, the width alters, according to the type and requirement of the knitting machine. We call the garment created on this type of device as “single Jersey fabric”. The front and back sides of this fabric are different from each other.

Double Jersey circular knitting machine:

These knitting machines have a dual arrangement of the needles both on the cylinder as well as the dial. Therefore, the material manufactured on these devices is thicker than that of the garment designed on the single Jersey type. The apparels created on double jersey circular knitting machines have similar front and back sides.

  Other accessories:

The last thing which you must consider while purchasing a knitting machine is to look at all the other accessories of your device. These machines usually have additional products such as replacement pins, a practice ball, a tapestry needle, and weight clip along with them. You can ask for these extra items while making your purchase.

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