Development Process of Knitting Machines

In 1589 a person name William Lee in Calverton made the first attempt to convert homemade knitting into machine knitting. From then, the knitting industry was established and with the passage of time, it has seen lots of developments in the mechanical process of knitting. They first come up with hand the flat knitting machine and then move onto a complete hosiery knitting machine by inventing the frame knitting machines.

Let us discuss the development process of knitting machines technology in detail:-

Cut and Sew Production process:

In this process, the entire panel of fabric can be used. With the use of cutting and sewing production process, the finished garment can be produced. Though, this process requires several post-knitting methods like cutting and sewing. And also the pockets and trimmings can be done by labour separately. In this process, the original fabric was wasted up to 40%.


With the advancement in technology, the entire process can be done by machines. The loop can be transferred for increasing or decreasing the number of wales which then helps in making the fabric. In this entire process, loop transference plays an essential role.

It is the process which moves the stitches or the loops from the needles on which fabric transfers from one needle to other needles.  This process does not require any cutting in prior. It produces the front and back body parts as well as sleeve parts separately parts by increasing or decreasing the number of loops. However, in this method, the entire separated parts of the garment could be sewing or link with each other. This involves the joining of side seams or edges of the garment together on a linking machine.

Seamless Garment Knitting:

Seamless garment knitting is the latest technology in which the complete garment can be sewed on a knitting machine without any pre-cutting or post sewing processes. It has the capability of reducing the production time of the fabric because it does not involve any labour or other post-knit processes on different machines like linking or sewing and cutting processes. These machines make the work process faster, easier and cost-effective. With seamless garment knitting, the wastage of yarn cuttings can also be minimized.  It helps in achieving higher productivity at less time.

Seamless Garment Knitting can be done on two types of machines i.e. Circular Knitting Machine or Flat Knitting Machine.

Flat knitting produces the fabric by turning into periodically. In this process, the fabric is always knitted by facing the alternating sides of knitter.  These flat knitting machines are very flexible and allow designing complex stitch with precise width adjustment. However, it is relatively slower then circular knitting machines. A Circular knitting machine creates a seamless tube by starting the process similar to flat knitting but then join the ends to form a circle.  In this process, the wastage is minimal and also it requires less seam joining. In circular knitting machines, the knitting can be work in rounds which then forms a tube by twisting around in a coil.

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