Design and development of a Circular Warp Knitting Machine


It is tough to produce the warp-knitted garments in a circular configuration. Due to its complexity, warp knitting technology hasn’t been able to enter into the market of circular knitting.

In this blog, we have explained about the design and structure of the circular warp knitting machine. This machine can efficiently and innovatively create tubular warp knitted apparels by employing needles of circular configuration rather than that of the linear needle bars.

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How the concept of new circular warp knitting machine aroused?

For creating warp knitted structures, we need to carry out the patterning mechanism. This method requires a swinging movement to move the yarn from the front of the needle to its back or vice versa.

In the case of the flatbed knitting machine, the swinging motion of the needle brings out the patterning mechanism. But it was not achievable in the circular machines. Therefore, to produce warp-knitted fabrics on circular knitting machines, there was a need for a novel approach. Finally, the manufacturers began to employ truncated-cone needle-beds rather than that of the conventional beds. Earlier, cylindrical needle-beds were present in the circular weft knitting devices.

Circular Warp Knitting Machine:

The design of this knitting machine permits the needles to glide in the slots present on the exterior of the truncated conical needle bed. The needles move smoothly in the tricks by forming an angle. As the needles go up, their hooked end moves radially inward. When these descend, curved end shifts outward.

In this machine, the two successive motions required for a warp knitting cycle come together as one. There occurs swinging of the yarns in the radial direction of the needles and reciprocating motion in their vertical direction. The prime benefit of this knitting machine is that it doesn’t require any extra mechanism to carry out the swinging motion of the needles.

The concept of the tricked truncated cone is an excellent solution to the problem which the people used to face while producing warp knitted fabrics on circular knitting devices. This model avoids the swinging mechanism by combining both the vertical reciprocation and swing in the same movement. It has overshadowed all the other possible concepts.

These knitting machines not only enhance the speed of stitch production but also simplify the movement of yarns. In this machine, there occurs only the tangential activity of threads concerning with that of the needles.

The shogging motion also takes place which moves the threads across the number of needles to finally make them reach the desired needle position. In order to achieve this movement, there occurs the rotation of the patterning rings.

These rings have to carry out two distinct rotations during each cycle, i.e. overlap and underlap. The direction and amplitude of these rotations depend upon the structure of fabric we are going to produce. An overlap will always be performed over one needle whereas an underlap over several needles. Underlap requires a more massive rotation of the rings as compared to overlap.

The complete knitting pattern chain consists of several rotational movements of the rings. These motions take place in perfect synchronization with that of the primary mechanism liable for carrying out the reciprocating movement of the needles in the tricks.

More the no. of rings present in the knitting machine, higher will be the patterning possibilities. But the circular warp knitting machine has a limited space to place these rings. Moreover, there is the complexity of the yarn paths which generally bound the number of patterning rings that we can accommodate in these machines.

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