Circular Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machine and its Types

The Circular knitting machine is a type of machine in which the needles are placed in such a way on the circular cylinder so that is can develop a seamless tube of fabric. There are many products made by using this machine are headwear, knee cap, medical stockinette, etc.

Knitting process

In the knitting process, various yarns come from the bobbins, which are placed on the circle knitted cumulatively to the fabrics. The knitting occurs on the cylinder, whereas the fabrics rotate. Machines for knitting are available with varied diameters comprising a defined and fixed knitting section and this system helps in knitting the loops in time. In order to do the surpassing operation, there is enough lubricants are required for the fast running of systems.

There are two types of circular knitting machines that are listed below:-

  • Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

This machine is installed with two-track and the four-track CAM’s on the dial plate and on the cylinder simultaneously. Due to adjustment of the position of the CAM’s machine, it can knit number of fabrics such as interlock fabric, air layer fabric, crape knitting cloth, twill, and so on.

This interlock machine consists of two needles at a different length in the way so that, the long needle and the short needle knitted in one track and track near to needle heads simultaneously. The double jersey machine is divided into Rib, Interlock, and Pique machines.

  • Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

 The machine includes needles on one set and sinks on another set and each has separate CAM systems. The CAM systems are stationary whereas the needles and the sinkers are movable. It has various features like plain structure fabric, one set latch needles, stationary cam, negative feeding, etc. The single jersey machine produces plain fabric. This machine is divided into some other parts such as plain single jersey, 2 tracks & 4 tracks, Terry & fleece, Auto striper, and jacquard.

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