Interlock Knitting Machine

Best Interlock knitting machines for garments

The circular Interlock knitting machine is used for producing Interlock knitted fabric. Interlock knitting machine consists of 1X1 double-faced interlock structures. These 1X1 interlock structure created from a special cylinder dial circular knitting machine by combining it with the interlocking sunk loops which then helps in producing the interlocking structure. We can also achieve the interlocking structure with the help of doubled system type of V-bed flat knitting machine. Basically interlock knitting machine is similar to circular knitting machines as it contains break stop motion, belts, clutches, cylinder needles, motors, etc.

It comprises of double-needle pairs that are placed in the opposite direction which means one is on the cylinder bed and other is on the dial bed. It includes two needles known as short and long needles having two detached cam systems in every needle bed systems with different types and length.

Both these cam system is responsible to manage the working of needles; the one cam system manages the half needles at one feeder and another one on next feeder with leftover needles. Interlock knitting machine helps in producing garments like winter leggings and tracksuits with reliable quality at a fast pace. Due to heavy demand, garment manufacturers require machines of top-notch quality. Our Company is manufacturing excellence Interlock Knitting Machines and supply them in different parts of the world such as South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and many more countries. Our Machines manufactures excellent quality products. For the accurate performance of stitching, these machines followed enhanced mechanisms. While knitting the garment, high precision of consistency is required which is present in our knitting machines. These knitting machines simply fasten the process of garment knitting which earlier takes time.

Bharat Machinery Works-Best interlock knitting machine supplier

If you are searching for best interlock knitting machine manufacturer in India, then Bharat Machinery Works is your destination. Our company is manufacturing & supplying knitting machines since 1987. Having experience more than 30 years makes our products more reliable. Our professionals always in touch with latest technologies. The primary aim of our company is to build a good and long-lasting relationship with our customers. So, our top priority is to satisfy our customers with the best quality machines. We always want that our customers will not suffer any issue while knitting their garments. So for ensuring this, our professionals always perform high-level testing and then we only send machines to customers.


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