What are the benefits of the Seamless Garment Knitting?

If we compare the warp knitting process with the V-bed knitting process, then the second one provides us with more flexibility in needle selection and offers more design possibilities. If we use an automated flat bed knitting process, then we can obtain the knit patterns and structures of various designs. Moreover, by using a computer-aided design system, we can instantly and efficiently change the knit designs. Seamless garment knitting helps us to create different types of tubular formed knitting and also in making different kinds of beautiful designs on the tubular knitted garments.

Seamless garment knitting offers us a variety of advantages both in technical as well as in the market aspects. If we view from the aspect of the market, then seamless garment knitting helps us in doing quick and timely production of knitted products. By using the seamless garment knitting process, we can knit the required number of products in less time to fulfil the demands of the market. It also enables mass customisation by which we can serve many markets. In mass customisation, we make use of technology and management methods to provide product variety and customisation with flexibility as well as quick response. In certain markets, it is beneficial to consider seamless knitting for mass customisation as it offers rapid design changes according to the needs of the customers through computerised knitting systems.

We also use seamless knitting process for niche market limited production items and for sampling prototype. The main benefits of seamless technology are as follows:

  • If we use seamless knitting process, then we no longer require the traditional labour-intensive cutting and sewing. Therefore the tubular-type seamless knitting helps us in making potential savings both regarding production time and cost. According to Melliand International, if we use seamless knitting to knit a whole woman sweater, then we can achieve a time saving of about 35%.
  • Additionally, by using seamless knitting, we can minimise the consumption of the yarn by effectively analysing yarn feed through the computerised system on the machine. The digital stitch control system, i.e. DSCS helps us in predetermining the quantity of yarn that we are going to require for each stitch.
  • By using seamless knitting process, we can easily control the size of the loop, and there is much less stress on the yarn at the sinker. It not only permits the use of different types of yarns but also provides maximum production by giving higher speeds.
  • The range of gauges for seamless garment knitting machines varies from 5 gauge to 18 gauge. Therefore, seamless garment knitting technology provides us with the facility of gauge conversion and multi-gauge knitting. The capability of a multi-gauge application allows the conversion of gauges in the same machine thus providing us with the flexibility in the knitting process. As a result, it saves the time and the cost that we will have to invest in different machines for every gauge.
  • In garments, we use seamless knitting process for giving lightness and softness to knitwear because there is no linking and sewing production. Also, there are no bulky and annoying stitches at the underarm points, necklines and shoulders. Through the machine binding-off process we can achieve better-trimmed edge lines in the garments as compared to the sewing or linking operation.
  • Seamless knitting process also helps us in reducing the number of steps involved in the production process such as the cutting or sewing steps. Therefore it also reduces the risk of defects and damages. Seamless knitting method provides us with more consistent product quality. Consequently, seamless knitwear looks better, fits better and is much more comfortable than that of the traditional fully-fashioned piece of knitwear.
  • Seamless knitting also allows knit designers to create different beautiful design structures and patterns across the entire garment. By using seamless knitting method, designers can easily program and style more sophisticated design structures and shaped patterns through the computerised design system.

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